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When the program expanded from a one-day walk-in to a five-day walk-in, Cohen was brought back as an employee. The Aboriginal Resource Centre at Humber recently launched its Making Moccasins workshop, with the second of six three-hour sessions held on Tuesday. Workshop attendee Lynn is a part-time Horticulture teacher at Humber College and a Teaching Assistant for Indigenous knowledge courses which is how she learned of the Aboriginal Resource Centre. She is not completely unfamiliar with the lessons, as she had the opportunity of making moccasins for her newborn son years ago. In this process, designs are made from sewing beads on top of the footwear in a desired pattern.

Canzian says the Aboriginal Resource Centre hosts events like these aiming to influence Aboriginal and. As a former representative of her program, she. The workshop accommodates all skill levels while providing guidance from former co-president when the organization was called the Aboriginal student circle Sage Petahtegoose. Petahtegoose says the materials used in the workshop serve as a history lesson on Aboriginal culture. She explains that leather is used to make the footwear as a way of honoring the animal spirits.

Like most students, Jocson sometimes struggles as well. Stress management is a common challenge most students face. Balancing work, school and extra-curricular activities can be daunting for some students, so Humber College has organized Stress Management Seminars for students to help. Andrii Soroka, a Humber Civil Engineering student and senior peer mentor, led a first session on Tuesday to inform students of campus resources ranging from counselling, academic support and health and wellness classes are offered in the Athletic Centre.

Soroka first became involved. Ramanreet Sandhu Early Childhood Education and Colleen Orr Fashion Arts and Business were young mothers and Humber students attending the stress seminar who admitted to feeling stressed, overwhelmed and anxious during their time at college. Seasonal affective disorder, with the appropriate acronym of SAD, affects up to 15 per cent of Ontarians 3 per cent of whom have a severe case , according to the Canadian Mental Health Association.

The affects range from craving sweets or carbs, oversleeping, hypersensitivity and irritation in social situations, and feelings of depression and anxiety. Maria Almendariz, 18, is a business marketing student at Humber College who arrived from Quito, Ecuador last fall. She had a tough time adjusting to the weather, and learned quickly that staying in at night by herself was a bad idea for her mental wellbeing.

There was so much darkness. I started wishing I was home. She encouraged them to get out at night, for their own good and hers. She had one starchy week where she ate pizza for five straight days. She still finds it hard to sleep because the days often pass without a glimpse of the sun. In the winter we want to be inside.

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Students are sitting at desks and studying. Go for a long walk, and try to get sunshine. Anything where you can get your body moving.

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Do lunges, squats, push ups and sit ups in your room. Stand up in front of your desk chair and do push ups off your desk. Getting your blood flowing is the most important thing. Business marketing student Maria Almendariz finds it difficult to adjust to early darkness of Canadian winter. His studies show that women make up 80 per cent of seasonal depression sufferers. Not so much in modern society, of course. However, Almendariz did have the right idea when she forced herself to go out and be social in the dark winter months.


Levitan said the rate of SAD is far lower in places that celebrate and accept the winter, like the Canadian Prairies and Quebec. Even in Ontario, rates of SAD are lower in the north of the province than in the south. One of the ways Levitan treats seasonal depression is to expose the sufferer to specially filtered ultra violet light for several minutes a day. Skinless grilled chicken versus fried chicken.

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Roast potatoes versus French fries. The shorter the ingredient list, the better. Eighty per cent of the time be active and eat healthy. Twenty per cent of the time live life and have fun. Every student has access to the facility. Yoga, step up, boot camp. Come out and have fun. Try it out. Access it. There is something for everybody. The gathering in the North campus concourse included recreational companies, hotels and restaurants spanning from the GTA to Alberta.

Each outlet had senior representatives engaging with a flock of students constantly asking about internships, part-time and summer jobs. Moreover, it gives us a ton of opportunities to work at these places part time, which I think is a smart move to begin with. Go for a jog!

Your lucky number is 8.

Focus on what you want to accomplish by the end of the semester. The inconsistent weather indicates indecision on your behalf. Talk to trusted family and friends, and try to gain a new perspective on life. Stay away from financial decisions that may affect you in the short run. Unless, of course, that involves paying your tuition. Why is your astrological sign the scales of justice? Are you going to be a judge?

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A lawyer? University of Missouri—Columbia Matthew Teorey. Peninsula College Rick Waters. The rationale for the series is that success- ful study is predicated on asking the right questions and then devising a logical strategy for addressing them. The process of responsible literary investigation begins with facts and usually ends with opinions. The value of those opinions depends on the ability of the reader to gather useful information, to consider it in context, to interpret it logically, and finally to decide what the interpretation means outside the confines of the literary work.

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  • RGAL is intended as a resource to assist readers in identifying questions to ask about literature. The seven volumes in this series are organized chronologi- cally, corresponding to generally accepted literary periods. Each volume follows this general pattern: Part I provides the social and historical context for a literary period, explain- ing its historical boundaries, describing the nature of the literary output of the time, placing the literature in its social and historical contexts, identifying literary influences, and tracing the evolution of critical approaches.

    Part II comprises ten study guides on general themes or topics related to the period, organized alphabetically. Each guide first provides necessary background information, then suggests questions or research topics that might be fruitfully considered, along with specific primary and secondary works that students will find useful.

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    • Each guide also includes an annotated checklist of recommended secondary works and capsule identifications of people mentioned. These topics are meant to facilitate classroom discussion as well as to suggest interesting ideas for research papers. Each guide includes an annotated checklist of recommended secondary works.