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Britain is under international pressure to give up control over Chagos Islands, its last African colony, which it bought from its then-colony Mauritius in The G20 nations account for 85 per cent of global economic activity and in produced 80 per cent of all greenhouse-gas emissions, which accumulate in the atmosphere and trap heat. In a presentation to Canadian intelligence officials and academics, an Israeli intelligence expert warns that rapid technological advances in data collection and analysis are transforming the way spy agencies work, potentially putting civil liberties at risk.

The Canada Broadcast Standards Council is asking people not to send any more complaints about Don Cherry's comments on Hockey Night after their system was inundated over the weekend. The pole was taken down many months ago, leaving some riders unsure about where the bus would stop, writes Jack Lakey.

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The Korean Legal Clinic has launched as a six-month pilot project, but the founders are hoping it will become a permanent resource for the community. Tuesday expected to be mainly cloudy with high of -5 C, but feeling close to C with wind chill. One woman was taken to hospital with serious injuries after a fire broke out in a residential highrise in Etobicoke late Sunday night.

Reasons include putting stickers on his door, replacing light switches with dimmers.

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Pot producers are struggling to turn intellectual property into patents, pointing to a broader issue in the pot sector. The noxious weed-eating goats pilot was introduced by the City of Edmonton in and covered a portion of land at Rundle Park every summer. The course consists of 12 credit hours, including instruction in business and dispensary operations. There have been at least possible cases, including five deaths, identified in the U. People have reported respiratory and gastric problems, one has died, and the U.

Centers for Disease Control isn't sure why. A second death is being investigated. These figures come despite the government having cited rising costs and a lack of scientific evidence about the drug's medical benefits for cutting how much cannabis it would cover for veterans. The decision means it is now legal to grow cannabis plants at home in Quebec, but the lawyer who argued the case on behalf of a man seeking to strike down the sections cautioned against a rush to plant cannabis.

Municipal wastewater collected from five cities for traces of cannabis shows the actual usage in each city of the now legal drug. The latest lottery means the number of pot shops allowed in Ontario will rise to 75 later this year. Around the world, builders are putting modern twists into ancient construction methods that employ the hearty hemp weed.

Statistics Canada data shows B. On Tuesday, councillors hit the final nail for shisha lounges by voting to align shisha use with the bylaw that prohibits indoor smoking of cigarettes and marijuana in public places. Chemists say that there is something about chocolate that seems to interfere with potency testing. A chocolate labelled as 10 milligrams of THC could have far more and send someone to the emergency room with hallucinations.

The analysis showed cannabis levels are much higher in Montreal and Halifax than in Toronto, Vancouver and Edmonton, but methamphetamine levels were significantly higher in the latter two cities.

Yang Qu says until now research has focused on increasing THC and CBD concentrations but has largely neglected the roughly 90 other cannabinoids that could be developed for other uses. Albertans have spent the most on retail weed in the country since legalization, according to new data. Cannabis-infused edibles are coming in the second wave of Canadian legalization and despite a high cost of entry, strict federal regulations and modest sales data from U.

Now high-end beauty influencers are embracing fragrances designed to highlight the aroma of cannabis. The pot company has lost nearly two-thirds of its value since early July when it revealed it had broken Canadian regulations by growing cannabis in unlicensed areas of its greenhouse in Pelham, Ont. They received 4, expressions of interest. Canopy Growth Corp. The federal Liberals made legalizing pot a campaign promise in , citing a desire to take it out of the hands of the black market, as well as find better ways to keep it out of the hands of kids.

Nearly three dozen young people have been hospitalized in recent weeks for severe respiratory problems after vaping either nicotine or marijuana. Successful applicants will see their products marketed throughout the province in both licensed private retailers and government-run BC Cannabis Stores. Shares of the cannabis company fell 7. Bridging Finance Inc. His firm is working with Popcann, which fashions pot stores from old shipping containers.

Canopy, Tilray and Acreage are among the companies reporting this week, with companies that make money seeing strong stock gains.

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The arrests targeted large-scale synthetic drug makers abusing the Health Canada medical licencing system, York police said at a news conference in Aurora on Thursday. The amount of outdoor-grown cannabis will make up a small portion of the market this year — but many more are in the pipeline after the Canadian government changed its rules last year to allow pot farms.

Redwood, founded in , sells CBD-infused body lotion, bath salts and candies under the Lord Jones name online and at retailers in the U. Shares of the Vaughan-based firm fall in pre-market trading as police and securities regulators open up investigation after breach of growing rules. Greenhill was appointed to review the breach after regulators from Health Canada found CannTrust grew cannabis in unlicensed parts of its greenhouse in Pelham, Ontario. CannTrust, which fired its CEO after it disclosed it grew cannabis in unlicensed rooms, was the first Canadian pot company to have an equity offering led by U.

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A study done in partnership with Aurora Cannabis and UFC fighters will look at typical ailments that plague the athletes, from pain and inflammation to sleep problems and anxiety, and how hemp-derived CBD products may help. At least 12 post-secondary schools are getting in on the educational boom, developing scientific knowledge and preparing students for work in the industry. Embattled company shares rise on news of executive ousters after report reveals bosses were aware pot was being grown in unlicenced rooms months before Health Canada crackdown.

Price, quality, variety and familiarity are among the reasons illegal dispensaries continue to flourish. Jeffrey Brodie was kicked out of his apartment building after it was raided by police who said it was being used as an illegal dispensary. Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc. In the first quarter of , there were more cannabis deals targeting U. Cannflavin A and Cannflavin B have especially powerful anti-inflammatory properties. The teen is accused of first buying the pot in front of the Fort York Blvd. Some of the people charged were employees of Cannabis and Fine Edibles, which had its four locations shut down previously by the City.


The sector has taken a beating in recent weeks, as the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs prepare to hold a hearing on cannabis banking Tuesday. On Saturday, customers were seen lining up to place orders with unknown individuals outside an illegal pot dispensary on Harbord St. Late Wednesday and early Thursday, city workers placed large concrete blocks in front of the doors at four cannabis dispensaries. But by Thursday afternoon one of them was letting customers back in. The Massachusetts company is pushing into the Midwest to tap potentially lucrative markets with its purchase of Chicago-based Grassroots Cannabis.

The Canadian hospitality sector is beginning to cater to tourists looking to take advantage of legalization on vacation — offering everything from reefer friendly rentals to stoned ski trips. Unlike the cornucopia of pot-wares sold in legalized U. Some are taking investments out of Canada and into the U. At a meeting of the community and public services committee on Wednesday, business associations urged the city to put ashtrays back where they were before the bylaw change.

A new report by B.

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However, to avoid paying more, cannabis usage must stay below a set number per week and many insurers count all varieties of pot, whether it is smoked or sipped or chewed. Pot ETFs could face trouble within the next couple of years as investor interest in the industry begins to fade. Journey Cannabis and Music Festival, originally slated to run from Aug.

The government has placed a hold on about 5, kilograms of dried cannabis that was harvested from unlicensed rooms. Bruce Linton said he plans to spend more time at tiny software-services company Martello Technologies Group Inc. Martello Technologies Group Inc.

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This is nothing you can't handle with a bit of grace, patience and accommodation. Resist the urge to spend money. See Moon Alert above. This is a high-energy, sociable day! You will enjoy talking to friends and interacting with groups, clubs and organizations. You might also like to discuss goals and future projects?