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Moon Sign The factor influencing your mind and emotions. Ascendant The House which forms the basis of the Horoscope. Nakshatras Explore the deeper aspects of the human psyche. Once this star sign starts walking your daughter will search out every corner of her reality looking for the next great discovery be it a spider or a dust bunny.

That particular characteristic is something that continues well into adulthood. The Aquarius girl has a gypsy soul and would willingly go into space if they could. Many children express an interest in the sciences early on because of their thirst for not simply understanding but also the next grand adventure. Not surprisingly the worst possible punishment for the Aquarius girl is grounding her. In disciplining your girl, bear in mind that the Aquarian responds to intelligent, well-reasoned information. This is particularly true when endeavoring to redirect them from a principle that undermines the traditional family or school dynamic.

Your Aquarius boy may well be on the Path to greatness, but he will get there by his own road and rules of his own making. This constant mental activity sometimes manifests outwardly as intense curiosity. He may well run off on a woodland adventure without checking in first, meaning you want tight supervision.

The high paced nature of the Aquarian boy means that they may come across as awkward and uncoordinated. Their thoughts get ahead of their bodies. Be ready for bumps and bruises and for them to lose track of time regularly. Their current fascination envelopes them so hours simply slip by unnoticed. In early years the Aquarius boy has a strong willful streak. The good news is that even when stubborn they will think things through and often later do exactly what you asked without fuss.

While not a cuddler your son is very personable and loves to make new friends, having an intuitive knack that draws them to the best companions. Number Vibration: Numerology: 8. Aquarius Element: Air but with a large Water influence. Aquarius Color: Sky Blue. Chakra: Heart Anahata. Chinese Zodiac Twin: Tiger. Funny Chinese Zodiac Twin: Tiger. Tarot Card Association: The Star. Aquarius is Too boss. Sounds like you have quite a mix of Zodiac Signs in your family!

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Some astrologers think of Aquarius as the 4th hidden water sign and they can exhibit many of the same personality traits. And, I feel your pain. It can be very challenging! Maybe an astrologer could do a family chart to help you better understand how all the different Zodiac Signs in your family can communicate more effectively.

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I am having a baby on February 17th me and the babies father are both leos. Is there any special traits our baby will inherit because of this? Now, if your baby turns out the be born under the Zodiac Sign of Pisces — just be very careful not to roar too loudly at your tenderhearted little fishie. Purring to your Pisces baby will always get the best results. My son has now over thrown his sister in dominating I.

All I can say is enjoy…these kids can go either way and sit seem to like authority much.

They are almost one now. I am Scorpio; my husband is a Capricorn. My oldest son is a Sagittarius and my youngest son is an Aquarius. A slice of all the elements. I find that my Aquarius son has trouble communicating his thoughts and will often shutdown mentally and physically crossed arms, in a ball when we talk with him about behavior or if he is upset.

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Sometimes it works and sometimes not. He definitely has a stubborn streak and independent particularly between he and his brother but likes the closeness of family and time. Just working with him on communicating thoughts better. All those elements swirling around the dinner table must be like riding a roller coaster! As for your son, it might help to remember that Aquarians are a mix of water and air.

So, within your son rages a storm. However, the air element tries to get him to be logical, less emotional. Most Aquarius children eventually grow out of their stubbornness. Logic takes over and cooler heads prevail! As a young adult Aquarian it can be very hard to make a decision about life path. You see the great possibilities in all things!

This is such a wonderful trait to have!

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  7. I would say start with the one world problem that you are most emotionally affected by and, then, see what kinds of professions are involved in solving the issue. She is the goofiest little ball of smartness! She says no when people say she is cute and instead wants to be called viscous or ferocious! I hope she never changes! My teen daughter is Aquarius and I am Sagittarius, how best to handle our relation as is currently going wrong way.

    Aquarius is an air sign though many astrologers see it as the 4th water sign and Sagittarius is a fire sign. When air blows on fire — the fire spreads. And, when water is put on fire — it creates steam. So, try not fan the flames or put out the fire. Both Aquarius and Sagittarius are the great adventurers of the zodiac!

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    Hello Bernadette. Thank you for some interesting tips and advises , but you have swoped us in sign, my daughter is Aquarius and I am Sagittarius does that change then. OK so with a Sagittarius mom and an Aquarius child, you two will still be great adventurers together! However, it can sometimes be challenging for Sagittarius moms to set boundaries so it can really help your little dreamer if you help her learn how to dream big dreams but do big things to achieve those dreams.

    Help her bridge the gap between dreaming and doing and all will well! Hello im due February 20th. Im a Pisces my husbands a Capricorn. We have a 9 yr old virgo and a 5 yr old Scorpio. And im wondering how is a aquarius boy going to fit into t And test this dynamic lol. Very strong willed and wanting to do things his own way.