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Our Principal Astrologer Pt. The several methods of calculating house divisions stem from disagreement over what they mean mathematically regarding space and time. All house systems in Western astrology use twelve houses projected on the ecliptic.

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The differences arise from which fundamental plane is the object of the initial division and whether the divisions represent units of time, or degrees of distance. A difference will be made as to whether these divisions are made directly on the ecliptic, or on the celestial equator or some other great circle, before being projected on the ecliptic. If time is the basis for house division, a difference must be made for whether the houses are based on invariant equal hours each house represents 2 hours of the sun's apparent movement each day or temporal hours daytime and night-time divided into six equal parts, but here the temporal hours will vary according to season and latitude.

The next table represents the basic outline of the houses as they are still understood today and includes the traditional Latin names. The houses are numbered from the east downward under the horizon, each representing a specific area of life. Many modern astrologers assume that the houses relate to their corresponding signs, [5] [6] i.

Similarly to how signs are classified according to astrological modality Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable , houses are classified, according to a mode of expression, as Angular , Succedent and Cadent. Angular houses are points of initiation and represent action; they relate to cardinal signs Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Succedent houses are points of purpose and represent stabilization; succedent houses relate to fixed signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. And finally, Cadent houses are points of transition and they represent change and adaptation; cadent houses relate to mutable signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.

Again, following a similar classification of signs according to the four classical elements Fire, Earth, Air and Water , houses can be grouped together by triplicity , relating them to a level of experience. In old astrological writings e. William Lilly , house could also be used as a synonym for domicile or rulership , as in the sentence "The Moon has its house in Cancer" meaning that Cancer is ruled by the Moon.

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It may be helpful to think of a ruling planet, in this case the Moon, as the "owner of the 4th House", and the sign, e. Cancer, as the CEO or landlord who runs the house. In an individual horoscope, whatever sign occupies any given house can be thought of as the house's tenant.

See Rulership section below.

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In Indian astrology, the twelve houses are called Bhava and have meanings very similar to their Western counterparts. The houses are divided into four 'bhavas' which point to 'mood' or what the house stands for. These four bhavas are Dharma duty , Artha resources , Kama pleasure and Moksha liberation. These bhavas are called 'purusharthas or 'aims in life. They found that each human existence has four worthwhile goals in life:.

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In his book The Arcana: Or the Stock and Share Key , [23] Sepharial proposed the following interpretation for houses if the chart is for a nation and a corporation:. There are many systems of house division. In most, the ecliptic is divided into houses and the ascendant eastern horizon marks the cusp, or beginning, of the first house, and the descendant western horizon marks the cusp of the seventh house.

Many systems, called quadrant house systems, also use the midheaven medium coeli as the cusp of the tenth house. Goals for a house system include ease of computation; agreement with the "quadrant" concept ascendant on the first house cusp and midheaven on the tenth ; [24] defined and meaningful behaviour in the polar regions; acceptable handling of heavenly bodies of high latitude a distinct problem from high-latitude locations on the Earth's surface ; and symbolic value. It is impossible for any system to satisfy all the criteria completely, so each one represents a different compromise.

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The extremely popular Placidus and Koch systems, in particular, can generate undefined results in the polar circles. Research and debate on the merits of different house systems is ongoing. The Babylonians may have been the first to set out the concept of house division. The earliest forms of house division were those that link with, or run parallel to, the signs of the zodiac along the ecliptic.

The ascendant designates the rising sign, and the first house begins at zero degrees of the zodiac sign in which the ascendant falls, regardless of how early or late in that sign the ascendant is. The next sign after the ascending sign then becomes the 2nd house, the sign after that the 3rd house, and so on. In other words, each house is wholly filled by one sign.

This was the main system used in the Hellenistic tradition of astrology , and is also used in Indian astrology , as well as in some early traditions of Medieval astrology.

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It is thought to be the oldest system of house division. The Whole Sign system may have been developed in the Hellenistic tradition of astrology sometime around the 1st or 2nd century BCE, and from there it may have passed to the Indian and early Medieval traditions of astrology; though the line of thought which states that it was transmitted to India from Western locales is hotly contested. At some point in the Medieval period, probably around the 10th century, whole sign houses fell into disuse in the western tradition, and by the 20th century the system was completely unknown in the western astrological community, although was continually used in India all the way into the present time.

Beginning in the s and s the system was rediscovered and reintroduced into western astrology. The distinction between equal houses and whole sign houses lies in the fact that in whole sign houses the cusp of the 1st house is the beginning of the sign that contains the ascendant, while in equal houses the degree of the ascendant is itself the cusp of the 1st house.

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  • In the equal house system the ecliptic is also divided into twelve divisions of 30 degrees, although the houses are measured out in 30 degree increments starting from the degree of the ascendant. It begins with the ascendant, which acts as the 'cusp' or starting point of the 1st house, then the second house begins exactly 30 degrees later in zodiacal order, then the third house begins exactly 30 degrees later in zodiacal order from the 2nd house, and so on.

    In this type of system, the definition of houses involves the division of the sphere into twelve equal lunes perpendicular to a fundamental plane the Morinus and Regiomontanus systems being two notable exceptions. This system is constructed in a similar manner as the Equal house, but houses are measured out in 30 degree increments starting from the longitude of the midheaven , which acts as the 'cusp' or starting point of the 10th house. The ascendant does not coincide with the cusp for the 1st house. Each quadrant of the ecliptic is divided into three equal parts between the four angles.

    This is the oldest system of quadrant style house division. Although it is attributed to Porphyry of Tyros , this system was first described by the 2nd-century astrologer Vettius Valens , in the 3rd book of his astrological compendium known as The Anthology. This house system was described by the English astrologer Charles E.

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    • Carter in his Essays on the Foundations of Astrology. Those cusps are then restated in terms of celestial longitude by projecting them along great circles containing the North and South celestial poles. The 1st house cusp coincides with the ascendant's longitude, but the 10th house cusp is not identical with the Midheaven. The intersections of the ecliptic with those great circles provide the house cusps. The 10th house cusp thus equals the Midheaven, but the East Point also known as Equatorial Ascendant is now the first house's cusp. Each house is exactly 2 sidereal hours long.

      French mathematician Jean Baptiste Morinus. The celestial equator is divided into twelve, and these divisions are projected on to the ecliptic along great circles that take in the north and south points on the horizon. The Regiomontanus system was later largely replaced by the Placidus system. The prime vertical the great circle taking in the zenith and east point on the horizon is divided into twelve, and these divisions are projected on to the ecliptic along great circles that take in the north and south points on the horizon. It is attributed to Campanus of Novara but the method is known to have been used before his time.

      Sinusoidal systems of house division are similar to Porphyry houses except that instead of each quadrant being divided into three equal sized houses, the middle house in each quadrant is compressed or expanded based on whether the quadrant covers less than or greater than 90 degrees. In other words, houses are smooth around the zodiac with the difference or ratio in quadrant sizes being spread in a continuous sinusoidal manner from expanded to compressed houses.