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It's your time to shine, Gemini. With the sun in your sign, you have a bit of extra vitality, so get out there and share your light. The new moon in Gemini on Monday, June 3 will give you a bit of help when it comes to setting your priorities straight.

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This is a special time when you can get in touch with your inner voice and evaluate your life from a place of emotional authenticity. However, you should feel free to take your time to figure some of this out — some things are incapable of being quantified, and this might be one of them, right now.

With Mercury in your house of personal resources, finances, and self-esteem included, getting your money organized can occupy a considerable amount of headspace in the weeks to come. The Cancer-ruled part of your chart informs us of the things which support you on a material level. It's always a shame to see Mercury go, but as soon as it's gone, Venus — the planet of beauty — enters your sign on Saturday, June 8.

With this new influence, you'll find that your powers of attraction are increased. Venus in Gemini loves a good statement piece of clothing, so don't even question if your look is too extra.

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The answer is a definitive "no. This has positive implications for your relationships.

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The people in your life may suddenly become so generous that it feels like they want to give you the world. You may experience some hiccups when it comes to money matters as Mercury meets warrior Mars on Tuesday, June Mars in Cancer has been causing your cash to burn a hole in your pocket since last month, and it will continue to do so for the rest of June.

Cancer is a pretty thrifty sign, so use your classic wit to barter for the foreseeable future. They are bored easily and can go mad in a routine that's the same day in, day out.

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The pace of Mars in Gemini is head-spinningly fast. You move in a zig-zag path, often dropping one thing to pick up where you left off with another. You like variety, and thus enjoy juggling many projects at the same time. You are motivated by ideas and may keep the tv or radio going as a stream of inspiration. A failing here though is bringing things to completion. If you've lost interest, it's super hard for you to tough it out and see it through, without rolling your eyes the whole time.

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And bright minds to you are an aphrodisiac. But yours is a Mars that's restless for stimulation, and this makes you emotionally fickle.

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The breathless dandy or waif that's just a whirl of excitement is your ideal. You have a kinky side, because of your tendency to be once removed, detached as if observing from a distance. This is alarming to more sensitive or grounded types, who sense you're not all there.

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If you play to "type," you're a verbal lover who likes pillow talk or to talk dirty. An extreme is someone who is satisfied with phone sex, even if it never goes further. Along with lovers, you usually have a whole network of contacts, and consider lovers as friends, too. That can lead to a situation where you've got lots of friends with benefits, but nothing hits those notes of intimacy. As always, though, much will depend on the rest of your birth chart , which can balance out these very Gemini tendencies. If it sparkles, you want to grab it.